DukeEngage Vietnam

This past summer, I was lucky enough to go to Vietnam with 9 other Duke students on a scholarship from DukeEngage. 

In Vietnam, each of us had a college roommate who was attending Huế University. My roommate was Minh. By nature of the program, we did everything together - living, talking, working, eating, teaching, traveling, planning, constructing, doing laundry, etc. 

Through the program, I've learned an unbelievable amount about the Vietnamese culture, the food, the process of construction, the politics, the market and bargaining for prices, the weather, traditional games, the best destinations, the language and slang, and the school experience. 

I went about my summer documenting as much as I could.


Here's some of what I saw:

The Places


The Food


The Work 


The Life


to my students:

Các em khỏe không? Xin nói "khỏe". haha! Nếu anh viết không đúng rồi, thi anh xin lỗi!! Anh không nói tiếng việt tốt.... Anh biết tất cả các em có trường học bây giờ.... Poor you.... haha! Các em cần nó lực rất nhiều!! Anh nhớ các em rất nhiều!! Các em hiểu cái này không? Xin nói có..... Nếu không hiểu, thi anh nói tiếng Anh..... Các em hẹn gặp lai!