"Most people perceive me as African-American."

"I’m often frustrated that when people compliment me, they often include the ending, 'for a black girl.' I've been told that I am pretty 'for a black girl' or intelligent 'for a black girl', which implies that all black people are inherently ugly or unintelligent and I just happen to be the exception, which is definitely not the case."

"Racism is deeply entrenched in many of our institutions in society which makes it extremely difficult to escape."

"Even though I grew up in a predominantly white area and thus had white friends, at Duke I have only made friends who look similar to me because of the way minorities tend to stick to their own circles. I don’t think that my experience has been negative because I am thrilled to finally have the opportunity to make friends who’ve had similar experiences to me and who have the same background, but I do want to make sure that I do branch out and have friends from a multitude of backgrounds."