"Before college, people usually perceived me as Asian or Chinese. That’s why when I went to college and everyone differentiated between Chinese, Koreans, Viet, etc. I was surprised."

"I think in some places, there’s this myth of ethnic homogeneity that immediately makes people believe their ethnicity to be superior to others. I think people forget that no race is purely ethnically homogenous. For example, Korea has a history of colonization by and interbreeding with Japan and China - so that automatically disproves this notion that one ethnicity is genetically ‘better’ than another. Also, it perpetuates racism and prevents Korea from becoming a more diverse country. While foreign immigration is increasing, I don’t think the collective mindset is becoming more inclusive."

"Coming to Duke has definitely changed what the Asian race is to me. There isn’t just a single definition of European beauty, and not all Asians are the same. I no longer blame myself for looking different or eating smelly food or having parents who can barely speak the language. My experience at Duke has helped me accept and love my ethnicity."