ETHNICITY: Puerto Rican

"I’ve got a lot of different ethnicities. People think I'm mixed with some Asian or white. People think I’m Black and Puerto Rican or even Cape Verdean."

"What frustrates me is that my race is considered white because I’m light skinned, but I feel that I don’t benefit from the privileges that white people have. You see some backlash from other people by how they perceive me because they perceive me differently. I don't benefit from the system the same way white people do."

"Race is so embedded in our culture and society that it would be very difficult to simply erase. I think the system works for and benefits white people, while putting others down. White people have benefited from this system for many years, so there’s no reason for them to end it."

"College is just making me think about my race more and more everyday. I still feel uncomfortable talking about “my race” because I’m not sure how I fit into the spectrum, but I think college is just putting me in the process of learning and just becoming more knowledgeable of where I belong when it comes to race."