"I think people visually perceive me as Indian, but after talking to me, they perceive me as more American."

"I think that people have stereotypes associated with Indians, with all races, and I think that especially in high school, there was a box people put you in. It’s really hard to get out of that box, so I did a lot of things to get out of my box, and that was frustrating."

"I grew up in an area where it was pretty much all white people so the fact that I was Indian really stood out. Even though my parents were born here, my grandparents lived here since college, and I had no emotional or cultural ties to India, I felt like I had to prove myself. Being at Duke has been better because there are people from such diverse backgrounds."

"I think that no matter what, there will be some concept of race. It might not be called race anymore, but the same idea will still separate the world into parts."